Hello and welcome to my world.

     So glad you stopped in. I hope you enjoy my art. I do a very obscure and unique art form known as REVERSE PAINTING ON GLASS. I am also a songwriter, so please feel free to check out my music. Just click on the link.

     In 2014 I discovered reverse painting on glass. I spilled some paint on a piece of glass. The next day when I turned  the glass over,  I was immediately taken by the beauty, clarity and depth the color. That was the day my journey began. Since then I have developed a new, 21st century method of manufacturing fine art. I’ve developed dozens of unique methods of applying not only colors but many other materials.  I use iridescent and color shifting pigments, as well as holographic elements, pure 24k gold leaf. I use copper and silver leaf, naturel Abalone, Mother of Pearl, and real wood. I draw my Images on a computer, then a long process begins, where I must determine IF I can actually do what I want, and the exact steps to get there. The image is first engraved into the glass. From there every step of the process must be proved and recorded. Each piece is carefully hand painted and embellished, then in most cases, signed in 24K gold. The process allows me to make works so detailed, you want to look at them with a magnifying glass. I try to make art that comes to life in bright light or sun.

     It is my belief that truly fine art need not be expensive. To this end my focus is producing incredible works of framed art for a fraction of the price you’d expect.  Pictured above is an example of my work. The bird is done in 24K gold and the stars in the evening sky, sparkle. Each masterpiece  measures 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. They will hang on a wall, fridge stand up. Each piece comes packaged in a bubble bag, and gift box.


Roger Kaye.