Artist Statement

roger 1         They say Reverse painting on glass has a long history dating back over 600 years to the Chineese and Romans. The Egyptians invented glass making 5000 years ago and were smart enough to build pyramids. I reckon someone back then, painted in reverse on glass…. In any event, its been around a long time. The techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. Farmers in countries like Romania, still paint idylic rural farm sceenes in reverse on glass during the long winter months.  Another area where reverse painting is used, is in the sign business. Today most sign makers simply cut out Vynal letters and stick them on the glass. It’s faster and cheaper, yet effective. 

        I’m fascinated with Art Deco and Art Nouveau and am currently trying to combine these two influences into a style I call “Deco-Nouveau.” My center has been and continues to be,  my art.  I have married my art with my love nature. I  have always been captivated with beetles, bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, wolves, etc.  Although I use them as subjects and influences in my work I do not limit myself to them.  The size of my glass canvas may be small, but my subject matter is unlimited. 

As an artist, it is part of my job to do commission work. To this end, I have the ability to make glass pieces as large as 3 feet x 4 feet. These large pieces are what I would prefer to be creating, but the prices are not for the average buyer, so I DOWNSIZED my art without compromising any aspect of the picture. It is interesting to see how people have to step BACK from a large picture in order to see it in it’s entirety. My art makes the viewer move closer and really study the work.

About Roger Kaye

Mr. Kaye is an artist, songwriter, inventor, and entrepreneur.  From his music and songwriting, to his inventions, to his life travels, Roger has always been grounded and centered when creating. This new trail he his blazing is an interesting look into the marriage of ancient and modern art forms. His work encompasses organic natural forms, including graceful long-stemmed flowers and animal motifs, insects, abstracts and new age beleifs, and even religion are all explored. Bold curves, geometric ornamentation and everyday subject matter…. “Really any subject matter is up for grabs”, but Art Deco and Art Nouveau are his favorite styles.

When it comes down to his art, inventions, songwriting, and business in general, Roger has 2 simple philosophies  “If it’s worth doing, make it pretty” and ” If you’re not the lead sled dog, the view never changes” ” Roger was born and raised in New York State. He currently lives and works in Glens Falls, NY.